Art Explorers for Kids 6+ (moviemaking)


Sixteen years of experience in the entertainment industry has provided me a wealth of knowledge in every facet of production. I started my professional journey at seventeen years old as an assistant prop designer on the set of a big movie. Since then I’ve gone on the create TV shoes, direct movies, as well as documentaries, music videos, fashion films and much more. I’ve received a masters degree in screen writing with additional educational experience and knowledge from specialty schools and masterclasses. I’ve attended the workshops of many well regarded film makers such as, David Lynch, Steve Kaplan, Renata Litvinova… Was also awarded, “Best Script” for a Screenplay and “Best Short” movie I directed recently at the New Jersey film Festival.


When I attended as a volunteer at the Art Explorer classes at the Bronx Shelter in New York, I was able to see first hand the positive effects that providing children with an opportunity to explore a creative medium and how the Arts and creative process can bring joy to kids in less than ideal circumstances. I wanted to volunteer more and integrate my experiences in film and directing into a new program for these children. I gathered all of the basics and important knowledge from my previous experiences and created a new program for kids. The program was test ed successfully and I’m really happy with the results:)


It's not easy for kids to tell their stories by expressing it in art. They will usually try but often find themselves frustrated with the process and ultimately giving up. Kids are also naturally apprehensive with the prospect of being creative in front of others and are self-conscious. I think it is vitally important to allow children an opportunity and outlet where they can safely grow and express themselves creatively. It is important to allow them the wear different characters (of their own creation) and I promise, you will see their progress in a matter of weeks.



You think kids can’t shoot movies?


Give them a basic knowledge and just watch as the product of their creative energy and imagination will compare to Academy award winners! 



How it works...


  • Each hour of the class is divided into 3 parts

  1. Checking on home exercises

  2. Theory (with examples) questions and responses

  3. Practice! 

Always start with - “the round” (gathering together in a circle, sitting on the floor facilitating a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere)

After the practice session be sure to encourage the kids come into the middle of the circle to share their experiences, thoughts, act and responses to the exercises. It can be hard at the beginning, kids are usually shy and nervous to talk in front of an audience, but after a couple acting classes it will go away!

Use tables only for drawing. It is better to make one or two big tables to use all materials, like paints, markers, they all have access to all the supplies same time.

  • Use yourself as an example first! It will make the kids more comfortable to express themselves freely! make the kids feel like you’re their friend, not just a teacher.